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Strong will

Strong will

The Ten Commandments for a Man of Strong Will: Trust in Yourself. Be punctual, steady, careful, respectful. Keep the word given, but make no mistake, do not be ashamed to withdraw, humble yourself. Avoid criticism, look deeper into…Read More »Strong will

Creative workshops

AKV club organizes JEWELERY CREATIVE WORKSHOP We will learn the art of jewelry creation and create exclusive jewelry ourselves! You will keep the created jewelry for yourself. There is no extra charge for materials. You will be able to use…Read More »Creative workshops

Events in Italy

Cooperation with other countries provides energy, knowledge, broadens horizons. We are planning our first trips to Italy, which is one of the healthiest countries in Europe. Healthy lifestyle and…Read More »Events in Italy

How it all started

At the end of September, Gražina Kondratovičienė, who was looking for a like-minded slimming club, exceeded her expectations - less than a month later, the association “AKV KLUBAS” was registered, bringing together active, creative and active people.Read More »How it all started